Big Island Update December 2020

Lots going on!   Condo stay statistics, a little Big Island News, and a view of offers made by month. Big Island Update 1. Volcano…

Lots going on!   Condo stay statistics, a little Big Island News, and a view of offers made by month.

Big Island Update

1. Volcano

The volcano is erupting again, in the old crater. We have VOG again. How long this eruption will last, nobody knows.

2. Covid Update

After a huge surge on Oahu, and some larger clusters here on the Big Island, Hawaii’s Covid numbers are on the mend

3. Testing

Arrival testing (visitors AND returning residents) has been stepped up. A negative test is now required before boarding your flight and you must be tested by a certified partner lab. Here is the official site for reference:

4. Quarantine Update

Quarantine has been reduced from 14 days to 10 days for those without tests and inter-island travelers.

5. Restaurants

most restaurants on the Big Island are open, with a few still “temporarily closed” We are hoping they do reopen. A few, like Shiono in Mauna Lani, have permanently closed, as their owners have other establishments in more high traffic locations that they are concentrating on. Pele’s Wok and Lava Lava Beach Club are revving back up as well! whoooo!

6. Hotels

All of our Big Island Hotels are open. The new Auberge in Mauna Lani was one of the last to welcome guests. See the section below regarding Hotel versus Condo preferences!

Tis the Season — For Offers!!

Taken directly from the MLS, the chart be shows the number of offers by month that resulted in a closing for the last 5 years (2016 to 2020). Basically January, February and March are the most active months for sales for Kohala Coast Resort property.

If you are thinking about selling, NOW IS THE TIME! Call me at (808) 494 – 0050

Visitors Now Prefer Condo Stays
Visitors are returning, but the numbers are still much lower than 2019. The graphs below are taking from the Hawaii Tourism Office, which publishes visitor statistics monthly. The chart on top shows hotel versus condo stays for 2019. Notice that hotel stays far outpace condo stays for 2019.

For 2020, Jan-March followed 2019 in terms of preference. From April to September Condo rentals were not allowed. Since we opened in October, visitors now seem to prefer CONDO STAYS. We will watch this peference for condo stays over the next few months. Let’s hope this trend continues and gives rental investors higher rental $$ and a bump in property value.

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