Monthly Newsletters NOW ONLINE!!!

For those of you who miss my monthly newsletters, here they are!!…

I know some of you have asked about me, my newsletters and whether or not I am still around. The answer is I’m fine, here they are and YES!!

Hawaii Beach and Golf Properties decided to franchise with Better Homes and Gardens, so that we could have big technology support. Nothing has changed except the name of our company, which is now Island Lifestyle. So much more appropriate, although we still love the beach and golf. Same people, great team and excellent location in the Mauna Lani Shops. Come check us out.

So where have my monthly newsletters gone??? In late 2018, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare cancer called Thymoma.   I had surgery, and all is fine (stage 1, excellent prognosis).   I basically spent 2019 contemplating my existence, making a lot of lifestyle changes, and being thankful for my good health and fortune. I took time to heal with my family, and I didn’t spend much time worrying about how many houses I could get into escrow. No offense, but the struggle was real.

After healing, and doing some soul searching, I made a pledge to rock 2020, got my BROKER’s LICENSE …whoooo…. and then Coronavirus happened.

During the lockdown, I took some time to reflect on my marketing strategy. I decided to move all my newsletters online… more flexibility. I always felt bad that the sales stats were obsolete every time I sent out the newsletters…. sooooo… I wrote some software (I am a techie after all) which now provides you with UP TO THE MINUTE STATS! Now, you can look at them as often as you like, download them as a PDF file, and save them if you wish. You also have hyperlinks to the MLS LISTING and TAX detail… even from your phone! You can’t do that with paper newsletters! Yay technology!

Please enjoy and if there is a topic you would like me to address, please feel free to reach out to me:

Call Helen Levine today text/whatsApp (808) 494 – 0050

or email me at

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