Finding Zen during the pandemic…

… at Mauna Kea Resort. I have to say, Mauna Kea Resort has been the best place to hunker down during the pandemic. Don’t…

… at Mauna Kea Resort. I have to say, Mauna Kea Resort has been the best place to hunker down during the pandemic. Don’t get me wrong: I will be the first to admit how very privileged I am to call this place home.

As a cancer survivor (thymoma 8cm), my promise to myself before they put me under for open-chest surgery was 1) to survive 2)stop and smell the roses and 3) stay healthy for my family. Life at Mauna Kea Resort has given me all of these things and more. As I speak to friends and clients all over the world, the amazing lifestyle this resort has to offer really has become something to appreciate.

Resort Shutdown
Mauna Kea Resort shut down back in March as both the Westin and the Mauna Kea hotels closed. Access to the resort was restricted to residents and Mauna Kea Club members only. Unfortunately, a good deal of the workers were furloughed and we do miss them. Recently, the Westin was able to receive funding, and a good deal of their employees are working again. For those who are still furloughed, home owners and some of our Home Owner Associations have made generous donations to make sure that food and meals were available to workers who have yet to see unemployment checks.

Because there are no guests, it is really a good time to take care of large scale landscaping projects that were on the list. In addition, the Mauna Kea Hotel was tented to fumigate for termites (yes, termites LOVE LOVE LOVE our pleasant, humid climate) This was something that could never have been done with the hotel open.

Groceries and Takeout
YES!!! Through their food services network, the resort has been offering grocery service for members and residents. We can even get YEAST, flour and Toilet Paper. There is takeout service as well in Piko and Meridia, both in the Westin. Members are loving the Friday night prime rib dinners. Takeout coffee service has also been available.

The Mauna Kea golf course has remained open to Mauna Kea Club Members only (guests and friends exluded) since March. Just recently, the Hapuna Golf Course has opened, with guests and kama’aina welcomed with open arms. Friday afternoon skins game anyone????

Hotel amenities have remained open for Mauna Kea Club Members only. The gyms at both the Westin and Mauna Kea have been open (again, member keycard required). The tennis and pickleball courts are in full operation. The beaches are open, with lifeguard at Mauna Kea. We can’t gather on the beach, but we can walk and enter the water. No access to swimming pools, but did I mention THE BEACH?

So what does a day in my life look like?
The trifecta:  Swim/Gym/Golf

I spent about 15 years as a competitive master’s swimmer… living in a speedo, permanent goggle marks around my eyes and rocking that fabulous lycra swim cap…good times… Since my surgery in 2018, I had not ventured into the water. Well, what better time than now. I had forgotten that ocean swimming is zen! It’s like I never had a break. My body remembers how to breathe and how to swim efficiently. After about a week, 2 miles was easy peasy! ZEN, pure ZEN. and yes, I wear a shark deterrent ankle band.

The Westin gym has peloton bikes, a TRX setup, along with plenty of treadmills and elliptical machines if iron is not your thing. Don’t worry: we got you covered!!

Because I needed to restore lost strength after open chest surgery in 2018, I started lifting weights: slow and heavy.  It went from “please let me swing my driver”  to “my thang!!”.   I will never get bulky, but I do love that methodical burn…and so does my long golf game!   Even though the resort gyms are very empty, I limit my gym time to a weekly heavy barbell leg day at the Crossfit certified Westin gym.  For the remainder of my training, I have been saying “Hello resistance bands and bodyweight workouts” in my home …. and oh, ouch are they effective! 

After swimming and/or lifting I golf EVERY DAY! I love the peace and tranquility. I golf with other homeowners (we’re stuck with each other, LOL), my husband, and sometimes my favorite group: me,myself and I.  More ZEN!

And yes, I made it over with my 4-hybrid.

LIFE IS GOOD HERE AT MAUNA KEA. What could your day look like? Tennis anyone? Pickleball? Ocean Sports? Golf? power walking on the beach? Come find your ZEN at Mauna Kea Resort!

OH, and don’t worry!! My life starts very early in the morning so rest assured I have time for my wonderful clients!!!

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